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Italian Summer Hit?! We believe so!

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

"Saluti e Baci" by Italian artist Cascami Seta is out! We could translate the title simply with "Greetings" or more literally "Greetings and kisses" 'cause yeah, Italians kiss all the time (2 times, 1 per cheek. Not 3, that's France)

This super catchy and nostalgic track speaks of our past memories, summer destinations, hotels with old stained wallpapers, beach umbrellas flying in the wind and us dancing through the hot nights.

Mirai Music worked with project Cascami Seta (Silvia Zambrini, Luca Buranello and super-talented songwriter and producer Matteo Buranello aka Quanto) on this track ready to be danced all summer!

Saluti e Baci everybody!

Spotify: "Saluti e Baci"

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