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Mirai Goes Soundtrack, Again!

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

New adventure for Mirai core composers R&J writing an original score for the upcoming short movie by young and talented director Piero Lovatto.

Movie Director Piero Lovatto at a Movie Premiere
Movie Director Piero Lovatto

Mexico based and backed by production house Catatonia, this short movie tells us a story about inspiration, writing, boundaries and illusions of modern society.

The delicate and minimal scoring mixes acoustic elements with much more contemporary manipulation techniques, trying to accompany the story-telling without forcing emotions on the audience.

Contrabass, saxophones, trumpets and all the other live recorded elements are completely immersed, and at times almost lost, in a cloud of indefinite far-away sounds. A dream, a vision and a memory of the past.

The soundtrack was written among two continents and recorded live in Italy and Los Angeles. More news coming soon and we are looking forward to watching the final cut with you all!

Mexico Based Movie Production Catatonia
Catatonia Production Logo

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