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We create 100% original music to make your ideas and visions even more powerful. Past, future, real or imaginative, we'll find the sound for it.


Do you already have your song produced and need that extra "something"? We got you covered with our top level mixing and mastering engineers.


Do you have a story to tell? Need the words or the music togo with it? Do you need ideas or an arrangement? We'd love to do it with you. 


Curious about new ways to put your music out there? We have tons of experience in the Web 3 and connections with the most innovative music companies out there.


Start to finish. We get you and your ideas to the right studio and we find the right sound. Drums, beats, pads, synths, guitars, bass, you name it. 


Japan, Europe and US. We lived and worked out there and can create the best team for your project and vision. Musicians, singers, producers and more. 

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