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Music Production.
In the Future.

Your Community

First step is to bring your community together. Taking back your ownership and power on your fans by offering them a place to hang and talk about you and your project. With you.

How? With the right incentive.

Right System

The key word her is 'sustainable'. Everything we are creating for you has to be less or equal demanding compared to your current strategy but it needs to be more rewarding. For you and your fans.

How? With Web3 tech.

Right Incentive

Mirai will help you creating a series of steps to bring your fans along while you create your next song or soundtrack for your project. 

The key is real interaction mixed with real engagement. 

How? With the right tools in place.

Web 3 Tech

Thanks to our partnership with cutting-edge Web3 companies we can also create the right tools for you. Gated content, gamification, collectibles, and even fractionalisation of your streaming royalties.



Right Tools

Mirai will create a structure for your fans to interact and actively participate in your creation. 

We are not talking about a lot of effort, but just the right type of effort.

How? With the same system.

The Whys

1. Interaction. Engagement means stronger fanbase.

2. Conversion. Focus on conversion and earnings. Not likes and followers.

3. Freedom. Create your path and the source of income to embrace your vision. Bring your fans along.

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Use Case. Danketsu.

Web 3 Australian project Danketsu implemented our system in its 100% community based philosophy. In less than a year we:

  •  generated 40k+ dollars in revenue just for music;

  •  generated a total of 2.4mil dollars extending the concept to their manga and lore;

  • produced 5 songs with international top collaborations;

  • fully produced videogame soundtrack;

  • been featured in 'All New Rock' editorial Spotify playlist;

  • 500k+ plays on Spotify;

  • scored number 1 on iTunes Belgium and Netherlands;

  • fully credited fans and community members;

  • shared royalties with participants generating another 8k+ dollars;

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