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Australian based multimedia company, leading force of the Cardano blockchain with its multi-layered product that include manga, anime, music and videogame. The Ninjaz team, together with Mirai Music, created a unique community-based approach to all the verticals. 

Music By Mirai


The series of songs produced for Danketsu featured a series of amazing artists including multi-platinum artist Billy Martin (Good Charlotte), Nstasia (Beyoncè), IAGO (Billboard Top Chart), Katie Belle (American Idol finalist), Ekko (Snoop Dog), Lenii (Deadmouse, Pink), Kyron El, LeTreez and Lula Cola. The song "Aramar" was feautred in Spotify editorial playlist "All New Rock" and got number 1 in iTuned Netherland and Belgium.

Shards Of Ninava - Game

Mirai Music also created the entire sound experience for the game "Shards Of Ninava".

Shards Of Ninava

Shards Of Ninava

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