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Old-School Beat Making: "Eptapodi" feat A.Lanzoni/Millelemmi

What does it happen when you mix a world-class jazz piano player with a rhymes magician? We had an absolute blast creating the track Eptapodi and we got the chance to experiment with one of our favorite beat-making technique: sampling.

Nothing screams 90s hip-hop more than jazz-funk samples and before we go straight into details we cannot avoid mentioning the collectives that really thought us how much of an art beat-making and sampling is.

Let's talk "A Tribe Called Quest" for a moment and how mind-blown we were when we discovered that they were able to sample Lou Reed, Dr. Lonnie Smith and Prokofiev in the same track. This alone made us think about the culture and the quality of the material we should use for our beats!

Long story short we wanted to have a great quality starting point for our track and so we asked world-class jazz piano player Alessandro Lanzoni to deliver a chord progression with a melody on top. The result was fantastic and we chopped some of his magic into our beat.

After creating the foundations of the track we asked street poet and rapper Millelemmi to work his magic and record some rhythmical and impactful rhymes on the beat.

If you don't know this artist, please go and check him out: his recording "Cortellaha" is just something else!

Needless to say that working on material with such a driven and powerful energy was a pretty easy task. A lot of inspirational moment were mixed with the pressure of delivering something equally interesting.

We let it go and we channeled our passion for jazz and our dream of collaborating with all-star street poets. We hope that you like the result: give it a listen on Spotify!

You can also discover more of the behind the scenes in our IG reel here: "Make of Eptapodi"

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